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History & Travels

It is helpful to learn all about Lucy Sikes to understand how she can help you overcome impediments to quality living. Lucy is a native of Arizona. The ranch where she lived was formerly a settlement of the ancient Salado Indians, whose artifacts showed up as the ground was stirred through galloping horses or floods. The San Carlos Apache Indians were first integrated into the school during Lucy's childhood. She attended the University of Arizona (Tucson) with Native Americans from a variety of tribes; and later, as an advanced mental health nurse, she worked with Native American clients in outpatient clinics, as well as tribal settings and in hospitals.
Lucy became a clinical specialist department head for a hospital in Denver, Colorado, where she was instrumental in developing a new architectural mental health setting. The setting was designed to decrease client anxiety and the acting out of violent patients, as well as focus on client strengths.
She was admitted to training in the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts through the Denver training program. Lucy graduated as a Diplomate of the International Association of Jungian Analysts with a thesis focused on the Skidi Pawnee Indians star mythology.
She was invited to speak in Zurich in 1997 on the basis of her thesis, as well as her work on Jung's companion, student, and mistress — Toni Anna Wolff. Lucy published a book (2011) on Toni Wolff's Original Research in Structural Forms of the Feminine Psyche (types) with her research partner, Mary Dian Molton.
Lucy Sikes, MS. is a Senior Diplomate Jungian Analyst. She is in private practice of Analysis and Psychotherapy in Prairie Village, Kansas, close to Overland Park, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri. She currently serves as a lecturer in Jungian Theory and Practice and is past coordinator for the Kansas City - St. Louis Training Seminar of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts.

Travels in Africa

In 2000, Lucy, following Jung's example, journeyed to Africa to study the peoples that used to be called "primitives." Rather than going to Elgon, Lucy delved into study of the peoples favored by Jung's friend, Larns Vander Post — the Bushman of the Kalahari. These people live without any modern conveniences far on the veldt in Botswana. Lucy was able to film their "trance dance," deep in the dark night of the safari.

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