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It is a proven fact that your unconscious mind can adversely affect your relationships and general mental health. Find out if your condition is related to underlying issues with depth psychology in Prairie Village, KS, from our psychotherapists. We work with you in a manner that allows you to feel comfortable about discussing what is bothering you, and we use what you tell us to uncover hidden motives. Reach out to us for a confidential consultation.

More Than Meets the Eye

Depth psychological work is a basis for understanding people in a different way than simply at "face value." It proposes that each person is made of their ordinary self-presentation, in addition to areas that are more complicated. These include their attitude toward their self in the world and looking at the world through an extraverted attitude or an introverted attitude.

The second aspect of this world view is related to valuing the world through thinking or feeling, and also looking through the lens of sensation or intuition. These are the beginnings of a quality of the individual. All of these are actually present in everyone, but the ones not in use are hidden. They are not as available, and they may even be so unknown as to be unconscious.

Hidden in the Shadow

Many other aspects are unconscious. They become pressed down and seem to be "not me" things. During childhood, the possibilities are sorted out in part by the culture in which one is raised and in part by the parents' preferences. The parents may say, "We don't do that." or "You are a..., and therefore that is not right."

All of the unacceptable aspects — those not OK with society, parents, and oneself — are pressed into what is called the personal unconscious, because these are part of the person's actual life experience, though most will not be remembered. Other denied parts also inhabit this land of which we are not aware, except these may come up in dreams. This personal unconscious part of the self is also called the shadow.

The Human Pattern

In addition to the personal unconscious, there also is a collective unconscious. This is an aspect in which there is the pattern for all things human and some animal aspects, as well as the wellspring of the spirit. These reside as potential patterns called archetypes.

Archetypes have existed throughout human history and are the same throughout the world. Archetypes are images of instincts, which include the spiritual instinct. This is the way they are apprehended, or perceived. They are never known directly and are difficult to describe, except through image.

Analyst, Heal Thy Self

Jungian analysts have gone through a lengthy training process, which includes their own analysis. This is very helpful when the analyst works with deep or fearful aspects of their client (analysand). By the time the analyst has plumbed their own depths, they have presumably seen in themselves at least similar qualities to most of what they will encounter in their clients (analysands), and which will have a resonating effect. This is a major difference from many general "rational" therapists, who have never had their own encounter with intensive self-analysis.

Jungian psychotherapy by a Jungian analyst is similar to Jungian analysis; however, the client may not yet have the inner ego strength to uncover as much unconscious material. The analyst will advise and guide the individual in determining the depths to be encountered.