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Effective Therapy for Depression

Depression is a real condition, and it can affect anyone. If you feel that you are suffering and are looking for a pathway to hope, turn to us for therapy for depression in Prairie Village, KS. Our knowledgeable psychotherapist will help you uncover subconscious issues through Jungian therapy. Contact us to schedule a session.

Loss Can Be a Trigger

Loss is usually a major source of depression. Jungian therapy seeks to reconcile the losses we mourn, both consciously and not. The techniques used by Jungian therapists try to deepen the connection to these phenomena to reconcile; to heal.

"The loss of the mother in the early years of childhood often leaves traces in the form of a mother-complex. If the influence of a living mother is too strong, it has the same is too much under the influence of the unconscious. Fear and the feelings of guilt...are characteristic.... (as symptoms) of insufficient adaptation, as there is always something too much or too little; and, moreover, there is the feeling of a task to be fulfilled and not fulfilled yet. (t)he feelings of fear continues, not because it started in the remote past, but because a task is incumbent upon you in the present moment, and, inasmuch as it remains unfulfilled, every day produces fear and guilt anew. ...Where there is fear, there is your task! your fantasies and dreams in order to find out what you ought to do or where you can begin to do something."
— From C.G. Jung, Letters vol. II, 4 June, 1956

"We have to gather together for irreconcilable loss, yet know that we bear it in the depths of our existence. For the young, life's promise is the arrow shooting forward. Our hopes for the future rest with those younger; upon whom we project glorious possibilities. When a young person dies, so, also, dies a bit of our imagined future. Our own death is no longer softened by new life.

Companion Animals are ancient necessary aspects of our soul. Loss of these can form a wound leading to the depths of darkness, recovered only through a gift of the gods.

'Depression' means literally 'being forced downwards.'" - C.G. Jung Letters Vol. 2 page 492